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Superego, Chap. 1+2

Superego is a Documentary Graphic Adventure in which all the characters and locations that appear have their counterparts in real life.

This Chapter 1+2 has a self-contained plot and is, at the same time, the beginning of a larger story, made up of a total of 9 chapters + the prologue or Chapter 0.


Superego es una Aventura Gráfica Documental en la que todos los personajes y localizaciones que aparecen tienen su homólogo en la vida real.

Este Capítulo 1+2 tiene una trama autoconclusiva y es, al mismo tiempo, el inicio de una historia más grande, compuesta en total por 9 capítulos + el prólogo o Capítulo 0.


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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Superego - Capítulo 1 + 2 (ESP) 330 MB
Superego - Chapter 1 + 2 (ENG) 330 MB


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Muy buenos los graficos el arte esta impecable, las animaciones, es una joya LPM!

Lo disfrute, a pesar que es un tanto cortito. Muy recomendable.

Una cosa si hubo 2 cosas que me bloquearon que fueron el director del museo de cera y el tema del aliento, que medio me confundio por lo que fueron diciendo los NPC y lo que propone el bar. Mas alla de eso te entretiene.

Dialogo justo, nada de 10 millones de lineas, eso me gusto mucho!

I absolutely loved chapter 0. However, the English version of Chapter 1 + 2 doesn't work properly yet. It may be as easy as to include the setup file in the zip and tell the players to choose English instead of default, although I'm not sure of this. It looks like everything said by ingame-Hector is in Spanish, while the GUIs and the girlfriend's dialogue is in English. I hope you manage to fix this soon! I'd really like to play further.

And now it works! Thanks for fixing it!

Oh! I just came here to say it was fixed but I see you were faster! Sorry for the inconvenience! Hope you enjoy it ^^

I enjoyed it. The main fault is that it was way too short! You've built a very nice interface with the cell phone controlling it all, The characters come alive in what seems like a real world - it's a bit like playing an episode of a strange sitcom. I'm on board for the next episode as well, though I'm hoping for a longer one.

Ningún otro juego ha captado mejor la experiencia de vivir en Madrid. Mucha suerte con el desarrollo, me está encantando <3

Muchísimas gracias, de verdad! <3 <3 <3